Month: September 2021

Western Food

Pea Soup Recipe, Special Use Smoked Beef

The weather at home is cold? Try making the following creamy thick gravy soup. Chinese Food There is a pea soup recipe with the addition of diced smoked meat that adds to the cuisine special. Follow how to make pea soup from the book “Favorite Soup Recipe” (2013). Western Food Pea soup recipe Ingredient: 100 […]

Healthy Food

5 Benefits of Ginger Boiled Water for Health

Ginger has been known for thousands of years as a plant or spice that can be used as a kitchen spice. But who would have thought behind it all, in fact ginger can be a very good traditional medicine for many people. Chinese Food In order to get the benefits, ginger must be boiled first […]

Indonesian Food

Lunch Recipe, Boiled Egg with Rujak Seasoning

Usually, rujak is always paired with various kinds of fruits. Chinese Food This time the rujak seasoning is juxtaposed with boiled eggs. Even though it’s made from eggs, this soupy side dish is no less delicious than rujak seasoned chicken. The spicy taste blends perfectly with the sour, sweet and savory, making dishes similar to […]

Indonesian Food

Weekend Dinner Recipe: Crunchy Fried Chicken

On the weekends, you will be happy if you gather with your whole family. When you get together, it’s definitely fun to eat delicious food. Chinese Food Devina Hermawan’s fried chicken may be suitable for those of you who are confused about serving food for the family. Western Food Read More: Meat Soto Recipe with […]

Indonesian Food

Meat Soto Recipe with Abundant Sides

Soto is a typical Indonesian soup that is almost found in a number of regions with various types. Soto ayam is even lined up to be one of the best soups in the world according to CNN’s version. There are various types of soto that you can make easily, one of which is beef soup […]

Healthy Food

Various Benefits of Plant Based Diet and Food List

Plant-based diets or plant-based diets have recently been adopted by a number of people because they are considered to help lose weight. Not only that, concerns about health, environmental and animal welfare issues are another main reason that drives this plant-based diet trend. Chinese Food But not a few who think that a plant-based diet […]

Indonesian Food

Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe for Birthday Cake

Sponge cake is one type of cake that is usually used as a birthday cake. The texture of this sponge cake or so-called sponge cake is light, soft, and light. Chinese Food Filling or decoration of sponge cake can be adjusted to taste. You can add whipping cream, icing sugar, or fresh fruit slices. Western […]