6 Types of Frosting for Various Cakes to Make It More Interesting

Frosting is a cake coating that is quite popularly used to decorate cakes such as cupcakes.

Its light and soft texture is usually used as a base for cake layers or cupcake cream.

Launching from The Spruce Eats page, there are generally six types of frosting for various cakes or cupcakes. You can use one of them to decorate a cupcake to make it more interesting. Chinese Food

1 Buttercream

Buttercream is the most commonly used type of frosting. As the name implies, butter and sugar are the main ingredients to make it.

However, you can use eggs to make buttercream frosting for a smoother texture and a more neutral taste. Western Food

The page states that there are five types of buttercream frosting that are widely used. Such as, simple buttercream, decorator’s buttercream, meringue buttercream, french buttercream, and pastry-cream buttercream.

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2 Cooked Frosting

How to make cooked frosting is quite easy. It only takes about seven minutes.

The ingredients needed to make it are sugar, water, corn syrup, and meringue. Indonesian Food

Adding from the Taste of Home page, meringue is a foamy dough with a sweet taste. Meringue is made from egg whites and sugar.

Before mixing the syrup with the meringue. Heat the syrup first.

Pour the syrup mixture into the meringue and beat until stiff. Slowly add the hot syrup.

Be sure not to pour the hot syrup directly onto the meringue. Pour from the side of the container. Berita Sepakbola

Adding hot syrup to the meringue can thicken the protein from the egg whites inside. This makes the meringue stiffer.

3 Whipped cream frosting

Whipped cream frosting is a frosting made from whipped cream and powdered sugar. The two ingredients are whipped until the whipped cream is stiff.

Add cornstarch to powdered sugar to keep this type of frosting stiff. Cool the frosting before using to decorate the cupcakes.

4 Royal icing

Royal icing is a frosting in the form of icing which is usually used to decorate pastries.

Royal icing is made from powdered sugar and egg whites. Some bakers also add meringue powder to the mix. Usually, it is also added with food coloring to make it more attractive.

5 Ganache

Ganache is made from melted chocolate with heavy cream. Launching from another The Spruce Eats page, chocolate ganache can also be added with a little oil to make it shiny and delicious.

Pay attention to the amount of cream that will be used. If you want to make ganache as a cake layer, use a larger portion of cream.

6 Glazes

Glazes are the simplest type of frosting. Glazes are made from powdered sugar mixed with other liquid ingredients. Stir until the texture has a runny consistency.

Glazes are usually used by pouring or pouring over cakes or breads, such as pastries and donuts.

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