Month: July 2021

Healthy Food

Rarely People Know, These 5 Cheap Foods Can Make a Diet You Know Beauty!

Many people on social media are now increasingly promoting easy diet programs, especially in a pandemic situation like this. Chinese Food Various suggestions for work out are increasingly scattered everywhere, not to mention complementary foods for dieting. However, many of them are foreign foods that are not necessarily suitable for the Indonesian tongue. But who […]

Healthy Food

Fresh Chia Seed Cantaloupe Recipe

Want to make ice cantaloupe that is different from the usual? Come on, try making the following chia seed cantaloupe ice. Just try the recipe, okay? Chinese Food Materials 200 grams of shaved cantaloupe 2 tbsp chia seeds 2 tbsp nata de coco cocopandan syrup to taste enough water and ice Read More: Dorayaki Recipe, […]