Month: November 2021

Healthy Food

traditional herbal medicine for high blood pressure, weight loss, and others

There are many traditional herbal medicine recipes that are efficacious to cure various diseases from high blood pressure, to lose weight. Various recipes for traditional herb you can make themselves at home to deal with diseases such as high blood pressure, gout, to lose weight and maintain physical fitness. Berita Sepakbola Sourced from Instagram @jalurrempahri, […]

Healthy Food

Recipe for Chicken Satay Flush Soto Betawi

Chef and perpetrators of a healthy lifestyle, Norman Ismail said, cooking for healthy food can also be delicious and delicious. For example, Norman shares a recipe for chicken satay with a splash of Betawi soto sauce. Berita Sepakbola “I am very excited to see culinary businessmen who are fixated that healthy food should be the […]

Healthy Food

Recipes and How to Make Carrot Juice for Eye Health

Carrots have long been known for their ability to maintain eye health. There are many ways to process carrots, one of which is processed into a refreshing juice drink. Here’s how to make carrot juice for eye health. Berita Sepakbola Carrots are known for their health benefits. This one vegetable is rich in beta carotene, […]

Chinese Food

Delicious Low Calorie Snack, Good for Diet

Eating low-calorie snacks can be part of an overall diet plan that helps us achieve a healthy weight. What do low-calorie snacks look like? The Eat This Not That page, for example, mentions a few things to consider when looking for a low-calorie snack. Low-calorie snacks ideally range from 150-200 calories. This figure is considered […]