Month: December 2020

Indonesian Food

Oseng Putren Quail Egg Recipe

The crunchy texture of Putren (small corn that is harvested earlier) makes the stir-fried quail eggs tastier. Now, if usually putren are only added to lodeh or tamarind vegetables, you can occasionally process them by simply sautéing them. Simple but delicious guaranteed! Chinese Food Ingredients: 200 grams of putren, cut oblique 20 boiled quail eggs […]

Western Food

Christmas Ginger Cookies Recipe

The most popular Christmas cookie recipe is Ginger Cookies or Ginger Cookies. The unique gingerbread shape is synonymous with Christmas celebrations. Naturally, you often find this cake dish at Christmas. Chinese Food Ginger cookies are usually shaped to resemble ginger men, houses, cypresses and other interesting shapes. This cookie is also decorated with colorful creams […]

Indonesian Food

Home-style Wet Spring Rolls Recipe, Typical Bandung Snacks that Are Delicious to Eat During the Rainy Season!

Indonesia is known to have a variety of tantalizing traditional culinary delights from various regions. Call it like a typical Wet Lumpia Bandung, West Java, this one. This typical snack from the City of Flowers has a delicious taste, is nutritious, and is certainly filling. This Bandung-style Lumpia Basah is a traditional snack that is […]

Chinese Food

Mango Sticky Rice Recipe, Thai Dessert

Mango Sticky Rice is a popular dessert from Thailand made with sticky rice, coconut milk and fresh mango. Not only in Thailand, this food is quite widely consumed in various regions, especially Southeast Asia and South Asia. Chinese Food The following is a proven Mango Sticky Rice recipe from DapurVY that has been tried by […]

Chinese Food

Chicken Wings Recipe By Chef Devina Hermawan’s

Fried chicken can be the right choice of delicious dishes for your beloved family. You can coat it with kriuk and krispi flour which are added with seasonings and spices, then fry it in hot oil which is a favorite of many people. Chinese Food Well, recently Chef Devina Hermawan shared a recipe for making […]