How Do KFC, McDonald’s, and Other Big Restaurants Keep Their Recipes Secret?

How do big companies like KFC, J.Co, McDonald’s, keep their recipes secret from employees (especially those in the kitchen) so they don’t get caught?

Answered on Quora Indonesia by Fakhrian Irsali

I don’t work in an F&B company, but work for a food (sausage product) company in the RnD division. So, it’s still in.

When it comes to formulas, we are talking about formula holders vs non-formula holders. The formula holder in my company in this case is the R&D division, where I am a staff in that division. Chinese Food

There are 2 formulas in our company, the main formula and the premix formula.

The main formula contains the composition of the main ingredients (water, meat, and premix in coded form) which is held by the production division of the mixing and meat preparing division. The note here for the premix has been coded, and weighed in advance in the premix area, which means that the workers in the production do not know the spice composition of the sausages being made. The production department only knows the composition of the meat and the processing process. That’s it.

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In F&B, maybe the kitchen is the same as the production area. processing area. Where the main formula is held depends on the kitchen. Usually they also hold the processing flowchart. Western Food

The premix formula is the MOST CRUCIAL. Determinants of color, taste, aroma, texture (other than meat), and product shelf life. This only the R&D division knows (including the premix under the R&D division). It is our responsibility here to keep this formula from leaking, as we use the formula for further development (as is the function of R&D, which is research and development.

How does the company tie us up in the R&D division so we don’t leak the formula?

The trick is with an integrity pact in which we have to be prepared to bear severe consequences (can lead to criminal penalties, at least being fired) if the formula leaks. Indonesian Food

It’s also worth noting that the formula is always evolving or changing. At a minimum, replace suppliers with the same amount for one type of raw material (salt, pepper, and others). There are various types of formulas. Some are used for all types of products (only different packaging or additives), some are specific to certain products. For example formula A, it can be used for product A, cheese flavor (with added cheese), A original taste, A blackpepper flavor (with black pepper addition).

If the brand or type of product / menu is different, the formula used is different. In a fast food franchise, for example, the flour may be the same, but the processing of chicken for fried chicken and chicken patty can be different. Berita Sepakbola

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