5 Ways to Make Soft Sweet Martabak Even though It’s Cold

Often make sweet martabak but the result is hard when it’s cold? Here are tips for success in making soft sweet martabak. Chinese Food

Reporting from the book “Business Selling Sweet, Egg & Sweet Martabak” (2017) by Sufi S. Yahyono published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, there are five ways to make a sweet martabak expand and not hard even though it’s cold.

1 Use medium protein flour

In the book, one of the ways to make a sweet martabak that is not hard and chewy is to use medium protein flour.

It’s okay, if you want to use high protein flour. Flour with high protein can make the dough chewy, but hard when the sweet martabak is cold. Western Food

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2 Stir in the sweet martabak mixture

The key to making a soft sweet martabak is stirring the dough until all the ingredients are mixed and the texture of the dough is soft, thick, and not foamy. Indonesian Food

Strain the sweet martabak dough, if necessary. The dough that can produce soft sweet martabak is that which flows thick and does not break when it is poured.

3 Stir the mixture before pouring it into the pan

After the sweet martabak dough has been mixed, stir the dough again until the air in it is reduced. This is so that the results of the sweet martabak are not hard.

Stir while pouring and spread it on a sweet martabak pan. Berita Sepakbola

4 Preheat the pan

Make sure to always use a preheated baking sheet. Set low heat and spread lightly with butter.

Use a stove with the appropriate diameter of a sweet martabak pan so that it is hot and evenly cooked.

5 Grease the surface of the martabak with butter

When the sweet martabak dough is ready to use, pour the dough almost full into the pan.

Cook over low heat and cover until the surface of the sweet martabak has a hole.

Brush with quality butter to produce a sweet, fragrant martabak.

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